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The aim of Judi’s new trade book series is to debunk pseudoscience and deception in our culture of fear mongering. Each book is specific to a current culturally relevant topic that breaks apart myths, re-assembles them with facts, and presents the information with interesting backstory using understandable language.

Sins Against Science: How Misinformation Affects our Lives and our Laws

Sins Against Science cuts through rhetoric and propaganda to show how science knowledge related to the human body intersects all aspects of life – linking everyday items and current events with landmark Supreme Court cases. Topics include the scientific method, genetics, evolution, race and racism, sexual orientation, human reproduction, vaccines and the immune system, complementary and alternative medicine, drug development and addiction, and death & dying. We all have opinions on these subjects, but as informed citizens, it behooves us to have scientific support for those views so that we don’t fall victim to falsehoods. This book helps you understand these complex relationships.

Digesting Foods and Fads

Digesting Food and Fads is a curated source of nutrition information using the most current scientific evidence about the food we eat and how we should eat it. Diet fads and foods are multi-billion dollar industries that target our need for wanting to be healthy. However, much of what’s out there is pseudoscience. Topics include the digestive system and health, weight control and calories, carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, vitamins and minerals, water and the environment, popular diets & eating well for life. While biochemistry of nutrients is complex, knowing what we should eat is not. This book helps you to be an informed consumer.