New Books

The aim of Judi’s new book series is to debunk pseudoscience and deception in our culture of fear mongering. Each book is specific to a current culturally relevant topic that breaks apart myths, re-assembles them with facts, and presents the information with interesting backstory using understandable language.

Sins Against Science: How Misinformation Affects Our Lives and Laws

Misinformation has had dramatic and dangerous effects, as evidenced by numerous events of the late 2010s and early 2020s. Reading a steady stream of misinformation leads to distrust, potentially leading to conflict in one’s family and workplace, and even to civil unrest. At the heart of many such matters is scientific illiteracy. Many enjoy a life of ease and convenience because of science–and since science also crosses courtrooms, classrooms and cultures–it has great potential to debunk misinformation and untangle the confusion surrounding culturally relevant issues (including vaccines, sexual identity, race and evolution, alternative medicine, and human reproduction, among others.) This work addresses those issues and relevant popular stories, conspiracies, and misleading headlines that circulate across media platforms. Bringing accurate scientific knowledge into people’s agendas is challenging, and the book works by using science and facts as a basis of every deliberation over laws and policies. The chapters, respectfully and scientifically, unravel complex relationships surrounding the issues. Weaving together history, politics, human biology, and law, it demonstrates how our lives are dependent on understanding the nature of things.

Digesting Foods and Fads

Are you trying to figure out how to maintain a healthy you? It is time to tease sense out of the nonsense when it comes to eating smartly. This book offers advice on how to eat nutritiously every day without all the guilt, money, and discomfort wasted on the latest, greatest fad remedy. Using the best scientific nutrition research available, this book will teach you to navigate the complicated world of food with ease. Peppered with historical background and fascinating facts, this straightforward introduction to basic nutritional practices is full of life hacks for healthy and sustainable daily living. It covers what foods you need, how your body uses the nutrients found in those necessary foods, disease, sustainability, weight control, and food as medicine. It exposes the lies about supplements, fad foods, fad diets, and quick fixes. Armed with the knowledge that you are making the best decisions for yourself, there will be no need to chase after the latest magic potion or remedy again.