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by Judi Nath
Sins Against Science: How Misinformation Affects Our Lives and Laws and Digesting Foods and Fads 


Hello, Reader! Welcome to my website. To begin, I am Judi Nath, author, university professor, former writer-in-residence, Human Anatomy & Physiology Society (HAPS) past president, and dog lover. Although putting fingers to the keyboard and creating text is something I do effortlessly every day, penning this short biography is incredibly difficult! It is challenging because I normally write from the third person and convey scientific information. Conversely, this piece is centered on describing who I am personally and professionally.

I have spent the bulk of my adulthood studying and living in the academic world, both in the United States and Austria. I studied German, biology, and medical anthropology, earning undergraduate and graduate degrees. Early in my career, I taught high school German, but quickly learned that teaching biology at the university level was a much better match. Teaching morphed into researching and writing.

My career has been quite rewarding. As a university professor, I received the Faculty Excellence Award – an accolade recognizing effective teaching, scholarship, and community service – multiple times. Most of my former students enter healthcare in some form or another, which is comforting: Encountering a former student who works in the hospital is reassuring, because if they passed my class, I know we’re all in good hands! As an author and teacher, Visual Anatomy & Physiology was named Pearson Publishing’s 2011 Book of the Year, and three years later I was named an Ohio Memorable Educator.

With my husband, Mike, we endowed the Nath Science Scholarship at Lourdes University. Its purpose is to provide financial assistance to biology students with a passion for learning. We also feel strongly that supporting science education is important for advancing humanity at all levels.

Writers are entrenched in the scientific and educational literature. This makes sense because what is written should be accurate and supported by current knowledge. Therefore, textbooks are in synch with the science of teaching and learning and trade book topics reflect scientific issues of mass appeal. To date, my books have been translated into French, Italian, Korean, Portuguese Brazilian, and Spanish.

There is never a time when I am not working on a book. This started in grade school, when I wrote Health Booklet and Human Body Organs. Feel free to click on the links to see the work of a 5th grader. Obviously, I am also mildly obsessive compulsive, since I still have copies of these titles, and finding them is as easy as grabbing the binder off the alphabetized, chronicled, and catalogued book shelf. Perhaps what has changed between my 10-year-old self and the current self is my writing ability; I hope it has improved with time.

Writing would be a solitary endeavor were it not for my dog, Gabbi, who spends hours on end with me in my studio. Thankfully, she requires attention so I must get up and attend to her needs. Otherwise, I’d sit in the zone, steadfast at the workstation, placing myself at risk for blood clots. Piano playing is a welcome diversion from work; and when not writing, Mike and I enjoy active bicycling adventures.

Thanks for reading. Click around and enjoy the site!

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